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29 June '06     
Exciting News

My photography site has a new name: "Beasts and Botanicals" - www.beastsandbotanicals.com - to emphasize two sides of everyting, black and white, good and evil, the beauty and the beast, etc. It will also be hosted by a differnt hosting company, under the Joomla! content management program with embedded Gallery 2. What it all means for you is that it will have an all-new very slick look, be very dynamic and will allow me to finally fill it up with some great images!

03 May - 05 June '06
On a research cruise on the US Coast Guard polar ice breaker Healy in the Bering Sea between St. Mathew Island and Bering Strait.

Assisting with VanVeen grabs and trawling for inverts and fish. Got a new lens - 70-200 f/4L lens - specifically for this trip. Will post images from this trip as soon as I develop and scan slides.

13 Apr '06
Installed a new guestbook. It now runs from my site (as a powerful cgi script) and has many new features: visitors can now add comments to other visitors' posts, search messages and edit their messages after posting. The new guestbook also allows me to respond to individual posts with "webmaster comments" and do behind-the-scene management. See it in action.

04 Apr '06
Added 13 images to Field Biologist (Grey Seas Under).

27 Mar '06
Added 6 images to Still Life and Landscapes (Landscapes and Elements).

17-18 Mar '06
Added 38 images to Otherseas Fisherman and Safe Harbors (Grey Seas Under), Perspective (Adaptation), Tame and Wild (Beasts and Botanicals) and Landscapes and Elements (Landscapes and Elements).

11 Mar '06
Uploaded 28 images to Alaskan Fisherman (Grey Seas Under). The series now contains crab gear preparation, king and dungeness crab offloading and processing in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, Alaska.

23 Feb '06
Uploaded 38 more images from the "Alaskan Fisherman" project under Grey Seas Under: Alaskan Fisherman. Two images were added to the halibut fishery and the remaining 36 are of the crab fishery.

10 Feb '06
Uploaded the first batch of images from my Alaska fisheries series under the Grey Seas Under: Alaskan Fisherman. The 30 images are of the halibut fishery delivering and offloading fish in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, Alaska.

20 Dec '05
Have finally streamlined the analog to digital workflow and rate of slide scanning has picked up. I am using a Minolta Dimage 5400 II film scanner, two external 300-GB hard drives - Darwin and Lamarck  - for image storage and backup and a  ViewSonic Graphics series CRT monitor. On the software side, I am using iView MediaPro for image management and Photoshop CS for editing, all powered by sleek Mac OS X "Tiger".


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