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The Zooplankton Gallery houses a collection of photographs of tropical marine zooplankton.  Plankton represent a very important and tremendously diverse and abundant group of organisms that range from tiny microscopic virri and bacteria to fish larvae to, sometimes giant, medusae.

All animals shown on these pages were collected by Dr. Robert K. Cowen and his associates, when he was at Marine Sciences Research Center at Stony Brook University. These creatures came from the 1996 - 1997 cruises to the coastal waters of Barbados. I later photographed them with a Nikon camera mounted on a compound microscope.

Teresa Rotunno has been instrumental in helping me set-up the "zoops studio" and photographing them. Most photographs have captions, many from the emails I received over the years.

Some of the photographs here have been published as a figure in a beautifully illustrated book Priceless Florida: Natural Ecosystems and Native Species by Ellie Whitney, D. Bruce Means, Anne Rudloe, Erick Jadaszewski, Pineapple Press (FL); 1st edition October 31, 2004.


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