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Masturbate for Love: Using Self-Love to End Conflict



"There's no greater antidote for war than love. Feelings of hatred and distrust form the necessary basis of armed confrontation. Replace those negative feelings with love and you're halfway towards resolution of any conflict."

War is silly, whack your willy
War's no joke, stop and stroke!
Abuse your middle piece, not the Middle East
War is out, pound your trout
Touch your sack, not Iraq
My bush doesn't declare war
Rub your snake for peace's sake
War is unpleasant, tickle your pheasant
Give your Bush the finger!
Fire your Peter, not your 8 millimeter
Wank, Spank, Stop that Tank
War is dumb, beat yourself numb
Peace is the goal, stroke your pole
Peace: a stroke of genius
We won't reach peace until you release
Three times a day keeps war at bay
Ban war, jerk some more
Don't be Bush's flunky, spank your monkey
War is evil, wank your weasel
War's funky, spank your monkey
There's no time for war if you yank 'til you're sore
Save our nation through masturbation
Don't send troops to die, give masturbation a try
War can wait, masturbate!
War is fickle, tickle your pickle
No military rank comes close to a wank
Solve global issues with a tissue
War's no joke, stop and stroke!

Copyright 1998-2003 by Mikhail Blikshteyn.
All Rights Reserved.