In Memory of Gerald Durrell
(1925 - 1995)

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In the next month, this site will be getting a major overhaul. It will be moved to a new hosting company, Hostgater. The site will be run as a Joomla portal, making it very interactive and truly dynamic. All content will be checked and become updatable by visitors. Check back for the exciting changes to come.

20 September '06

Do you have a question about Gerald Durrell or his family, his books or films, The Jersey Zoo or the Preservation Trust? Post it on the Gerald Durrell Club message board by email. Email your question to Your question will automatically appear on the message board within a couple of minutes. With 94 members and growing, it's very likely you would get an answer within a day or two. Go to the Gerald Durrell Club at to see the replies. You don't need to be a member of the club to browse the message board postings. 

This web site is a large dynamic directory of links to an assortment of material about Gerald Durrell: articles, books, photographs, illustrations for his numerous books, biographies, even a few recordings of his voice, among many other curious material. I especially value the links that have been e-mailed to me. New links are being added constantly.

All links are grouped into three sections. Part I contains links to pages that describe him or his work, such as biographies, personal commentaries, articles, etc.. 

Part II is a list of books by Gerald Durrell and about him, with links to reviews, descriptions, excerpts as well as places where you can purchase these books or read their summaries. 

Part III contains links to everything else that didn't fit into the other two categories. They point to photos, audio files, and places associated with Gerald Durrell.


As a side note: On more than one occasion I have been asked why I spend so much time designing this web site and collecting material about Gerald Durrell and "What's so special about this guy, anyway?" I think the time has come to address this issue:

In regard to Gerald Durrell: his books were one of the first books about non-fictional creatures that I really enjoyed reading and that helped me look at the world around me in a very different (less selfish regarding Nature) way. His books also partially influenced me in the choice of my career as a fisheries ecologist and a traveler.

In regard to this web site: back then when I just discovered the Interned I was bewildered by the amount and kinds of information present. My next major virtual discovery was that something I create can be seen by virtually everyone who has an access to electricity. I started with a very "amateurish" web site which, I believe, has evolved into quite a well-designed site. This is the 4th or 5th generation of this web site and in its second generation I started really enjoying finding ways to improve the site and actually learning how to implement these improvements.

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